Speed: 29.5 or 59 feet/minute

Print resolution: up to 1600 x 1600 dpi

Media width: 2″ – 9.5″

Dimensions: 6.56′ x 4.59′ x 3.28′

Weight: 1,102 lbs

Finishing System: PLS-875f

Product Description

Muratec’s PLS-875i is a high-speed, high-volume digital label press suited for high production environments.  The PLS-875i is a true workhorse that can print as many or as few labels as you like, based on your own designs and requirements.

No more fixed setup cost for production runs at third-party analog printing vendors; with the PLS-875i, you control setup and production, guided by software that walks you through setup and execution.

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The PLS-875i has its own companion in-line digital finishing accessory, the PLS-875f.  This optional finishing system features a semi-rotary magnetic die cylinder, allowing you to simultaneously print and die-cut at speeds up to 60 feet per minute.



Print technology CMYK pigment-based inks (2L tanks)
Web width 3.15″ – 9.45″ (80 – 240 mm)
Print speed 29.5′ or 59′ / minute (9 or 18 m/min)
Print resolution HQ: 1600 x 1600 dpi
Power supply 110-240V / 2560W
Dimensions 6.56′ x 4.59′ x 3.28′ (2000 x 1400 x 1000 mm)
Weight 1,102.31 lbs (500 kg)
Webguide Model: EcoGuide BST – BST Web Edge Guiding system 2 with ultrasonic edge sensor
Media Media width: 2′ – 9.5″ (80.8 – 240 mm)
Maximum print width: 8.77″ (222 mm)
Media thickness: 4 pt / ml to 12 pt / ml (0.1 – 0.3 mm)
Operation environment
Operation: 68°F – 86°F (20°C – 30°C); 77°F recommended
Humidity: 22 – 80% RH (non-condensing)
Winders Max roll size: 19.69″ (500 mm) and max core size: 3″ (76 mm)
Double-sided frame for printing section; superior stiffness and reliability
Unwinder and rewinder for easy access
Optical print mark/label sensor with adjustable position
Splice table with magnet clamps
Large service door and easy ink tank access
Interface Unique and user-friendly software


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Take Charge of Your Labels

Professional print shops and label converters benefit from Muratec’s PLS-875i digital label press by taking on jobs that previously would not be feasible or profitable on an analog press; specifically, short-run jobs that include variable data, sizes and colors.

Businesses who rely on labels use Muratec’s PLS-875i to bring label printing in-house and significantly reduce their label spend, waste and production time. Imagine, instead of waiting weeks to receive your labels, you can print, laminate, die-cut and have them ready for application in just hour

PLS-875i and PLS-875f: The Perfect Pair

Muratec’s PLS-875i digital press can also have a dramatic cash flow effect, not only by saving potentially thousands of dollars per year in reduced label costs, but also by freeing up cash typically absorbed by label inventory that may get discarded.

The PLS-875i gives you the ability to:

  • Instantly give your logo, packaging and brand a completely new look.
  • Print 500 labels, instead of 500,000, saving money, reducing waste and eliminating an inventory nightmare.
  • Control label production and timing in-house, preventing label-related shipment delays.

PLS-875f Digital Finishing System

Download the highly informative Muratec PLS-875i Brochure for more details:

PLS-875i Product Brochure