Avg Speed: 29.5 or 59 feet/minute

Roll length: 1250 ft (recommended)

Dimensions: 9.52′ x 5.36′ x 3.47′

Weight: 2,645 lbs

Cutter: semi-rotary magnetic cylinder

Product Description

Muratec’s PLS-875f is a high-volume production digital label finisher that can cut continuous-fed media up to 8.5″ wide, on a variety of media stock.

When paired with a PLS-875i, businesses who rely on labels use Muratec’s PLS-875f to bring label printing in-house and significantly reduce their label spend, waste and production time. Imagine, instead of waiting weeks to receive a label order, you can print, laminate, die-cut and have your labels ready for application in just hours.

On-Site Imaging Solutions is an Authorized Dealer of Muratec Products


Web width 3.18″ – 9.45″ (80.8 – 240 mm)
Cutting speed 29.5′ or 59′ / minute (9 or 18 m/min)
Power supply 110-240V / 2560W
Dimensions 9.52′ x 5.36′ x 3.47′ (2901 x 1634 x 1058 mm)
Weight 2,645.55 lbs (1,200 kg)
Operation environment
Operation: 68°F – 86°F (20°C – 30°C); 77°F recommended
Humidity: 22 – 80% RH (non-condensing)
Finishing specs
Die cutter technology; semi-rotary magnetic cylinder
Digital cutting plotter
Cold lamination
Slitting and waste removal


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Download the highly informative Muratec PLS-875F Brochure for more details:

PLS-875F Product Brochure