On-Site Support

Multi-Function Copiers, Sales Leasing and Support

Multi-Function Copiers, Sales Leasing and Support


Repair of laser printers, copiers, multifunction and fax machines are normally done on-site at the customer’s office.  Here are the steps:
1.  Call to place a service call at (940) 442-6886.
2.  Please give us the make and model number of the machine.
3.  State the problem with the machine.

Print Management

Find out how  On-Site Imaging Solutions can help your business.  Find a print management solution that helps reduce costs and increase efficiency. Through a single point-of-contact vendor, manage all printer and office machine related supplies, parts, service, and hardware.  Call (940) 442-6886.

Facts You Should Know

  • Most companies do not know how much they spend on their printing and copy needs.
  • IT departments are being asked to do more with less resources, resulting in little attention being paid to printing and document processing.
  • 60% of all help desk calls are output related.
  • Increased productivity is an added benefit of a print management solution.
  • A company can realize significant cost savings by instituting a print management program.
  • Research suggests that print production and management can be as much as 3% of total revenues.


  • Responsive Single Point Of Contact
    Centralizing printer and copier service, supplies, and hardware frees up resources so you can focus on the core aspects of your business.
  • Maximize Your Help Desk through Training and Outsourcing
    Don’t have a help desk? Prefer to outsource? Problem beyond your scope? Our professionals provide expert training and are available to diagnose, dispatch, and repair any printing and copy related issue.

So when you are ready to get a handle on your print and document processing costs call us at On-Site Imaging Solutions

Phone: (940) 442-6886

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