Why don’t you have used or reconditioned copiers on your website?

We do sell used or reconditioned copiers but we don’t like to advertise that only because when it comes to multi function copiers, it’s always better to buy brand new because there is less problems with the new machine versus a machine that is 3 to 5 years old, and of course, that is with any brand machine you buy. Especially in terms of leasing a copier, most people can afford a low monthly payment, which gives you the benefit of not paying for the total amount of the copier up front. As a rule, most companies will not lease a used or reconditioned copier. The other benefit with a new machine is the latest technology.  The new copiers will have the latest software to match what’s going on for the computer and network’s latest technology of today. That means a lot in terms of how “fast” can that copier “think” and then produce the output or material needed.  Have you ever sent a print job to a copier and then have it stall for 3 to 4 minutes before it actually started printing? That’s because that old copier’s brain can’t match the new technology that’s being sent to it!  Another consideration to think about buying a used or reconditioned  Copier is that they have a much lower warranty. Some companies will not even warrantee it for 30 days, usually it’s as is, so if anything goes wrong you’re pretty much stuck with that copier. New copiers  with my company have a 15 month warranty which is a very good warranty in the industry.  If a new Copier  somehow has a lot of problems when we install it at your company, If it’s a, “lemon” that copier will be replaced with one that works. That is not always possible with a used or reconditioned copier.





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