Why don’t you put the price on your website for your copiers?

Not every copier fits the needs of every person, one company will need to have a finisher to get their jobs done. Another company will need to have a saddle stitch because they are more into passing out flyers or publishing books or handouts for their clients. That is the reason why we believe that it is a good idea that we talk with you to find out what you need on the copier you are requesting. There are plenty of websites out there that give their prices on their websites and will sell you those copiers and ship them to you. Usually what they will do when they ship them, they will call a local technician in the area and set the copier up for you. This might be a “good” deal for you. Please consider this, my company does not have the cheapest copiers, and we don’t have the most expensive ones either. But we ARE a LOCAL company and we care about YOU! I want to grow my business and the way I do that is by making sure that when you talk with me and I find out exactly what you need and what you can afford, then, when we put that copier in, it’s a long term commitment. You will have that copier for years, isn’t it important that you have excellent and experienced service that you can count on?

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