When we buy a multi-function copier from you, will you provide us with training and how to use it?

When the multi-function copier is all set up and the technician is sure everything is working okay, then we will set up a time for everyone that will be using the machine to have the proper training. It’s always exciting to get a brand new machine and we realize that for the first few days and even first few weeks there will be many questions. The training of the machine will handle the hardware such as how to open the doors to get to the toner or even the staples, how do you put those in? All of that will be shown. The software will also be in the training, such as how to print from the network, how to scan in black in white, how to switch to color. We have pretty good training, but we also know that there will always be more questions and that’s why we are just a phone call away or an email away, which ever you prefer!

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