I keep getting paper jams in my laser printer or multifunction copier, is there anything I can do before placing a service call?

Usually maintenance is required when a machine starts jamming. It can be something very simple such as the treads on the pick-up rollers are wearing too much to the point that they are unable to move the paper along the paper path and they need to be replaced. The more complicated problems exist where the fuser assembly may be going bad, or there may be a piece of paper somewhere in the paper path that is keeping the paper from smoothly going through all the processes to the end. Before placing a service call, open all the doors to the machine and see if there is any obstruction in the paper path and see if you can clear it yourself. Ask yourself, is the paper jam a solid problem where you can’t print or copy anything? Or, is it intermittant, for example, it only jams every 20 or 25 pages. Does it only jam in the 2nd cassette tray or the multipurpose tray? These questions are important when placing a service call, because the more specific you are, the faster the problem will be solved when the technician comes out. Also, the right parts will be brought out.

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