How big is your company?

My company is what you would call a, “Mom and Pap shop!” We have 2 technician’s and a dispatcher. Don’t let that scare you off though because there are a quite a few advantages to this. When you call, you will always get a warm voice on the other end, it won’t go to a automated, “press 1 for sales, press 2 for technical, press 3 for service orders, blah blah blah!” The technician that goes out to your service call will always be the same one, unlike the bigger companies where they keep sending you a different technician every time. If you have any type of issue with my company, you can always get to the top very quickly and solve the problem. We also have very good response times for such a small company, usually getting there the same day, or at least within 4 or 5 hours.

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